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When it comes to the availability of pot roses, Satter Roses Breeding BV is one of the most important players in the market. Our years of experience in the production of pot roses in a variety of pot sizes has put us in the position to develop our own range, which enables us to respond more quickly and effectively to the demands of the market. In 2005, we took the first steps towards realising our plans. Following the construction of a special, new purpose-built facility we were able to start our cross breeding programme. At the end of the first breeding season, we harvested the ripe rosehips resulting from these first crosses. The seeds were removed from the hips and sown. They were then stratified; a cold treatment which aids germination. After this, the seeds were ready to germinate, and  the first seedlings appeared within a few weeks. Next, the selection process could begin. This lengthy process of crossbreeding, selection, testing and propagation has been rewarded with our new range of  "Star Roses®". These varieties are characterised by their lovely colours, compact plants and outstanding keeping qualities.


In the future, we will continue to work at extending and improving our range of pot roses. Only varieties which display the qualities to supplement or improve our existing range will eventually become Star Roses®. If you have any questions about the cultivation of our rose varieties or require information about licensing or plant breeders rights then please feel free to contact us.