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About us

Star Roses® is one of the most progressive pot rose nurseries in the world. We  have two state-of-the-art production facilities, where we cultivate Star Roses®, the most charming varieties of pot roses, under 80,000 square metres of glass. All our varieties are extensively tested for keeping quality, colour, size and structure of blooms, disease resistance etc. All new varieties have to meet our high standards before they are included in our production. Using the most modern production techniques, our nursery produces at least 16 million pot roses in 10.5 cm and 12 cm pots each year. Depending on the variety, the process takes about 13 weeks from propagation to end product. Together with our team of 60 highly motivated employees, we are able to deliver a top quality product; and quality and dependability are our top priority. Star Roses® also has its own transport fleet to take care of deliveries to and from our customers and auctions both at home and abroad. We work with our clients to ensure that supply lines remain short and efficient.